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Out there in the big, bad world of Music Production there are many options available for a small company or someone who wants to establish a presence and get ahead by presenting themselves in a professional light.

Below are services that New Day Sound can offer you, or your company. If there is anything that appeals to you, please get in contact to see what solution New Day Sound can present you with.


Editing, mixing, producing - anything regarding post production. Whether you have an old project that needs fixing up, a new recording to get ready for a potential release or to give your multi-track a nice clean-up before it goes to the next stage, we’ve got you covered.

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One of the services New Day Sound is most passionate about! We know how important it can be to have a professionally recorded, mixed and mastered song to be able to showcase to potential clients, and how expensive it can be. That’s where the PBRS comes in. We will come to you, make an acoustic recording of your song/songs, mix and master it for you and everything at an extremely affordable price. Starting up your Soundcloud channel with professionally sounding tunes doesn’t get easier (or cheaper) than this!

Have a friend or perhaps a son/daughter with a dream of having a great recording of themselves? Get them the PBRS as a christmas, birthday or maybe just-because-I-love- you-present! Contact us further for a quote.

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Want to make a fun birthday present for someone special? Planning a hen party? Or need some well produced vocals to use as a demo for yourself? Just bring whatever backing-track you would like to sing to and we’ll record your voice, mix and master the track and have it ready for you within a couple of hours!

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Does your band have a gig and all the equipment necessary to do it, but you don’t have a sound technician to help you throughout the gig? Or are you a venue set up with an existing PA system that needs extra help with live performances? Anything from a solo artist to a 10-piece band, we can help you out.

With plenty of experience in theatre stage shows (plays, musicals, cabarets and/or burlesque shows) we are also available to help you with sound design from rehearsal to finished show, and of course with performances.

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Mixing & Sound Design

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Portable Budget Recording Solutions (PBRS)

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Customised Vocal Recording

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Live Sound Technician

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