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NEW DAY SOUND - Live Sound Technician

NEW DAY SOUND - Vocal Recording

NEW DAY SOUND - Portable Budget Recording Solutions

NEW DAY SOUND - Mixing and Mastering


All prices are simply a guideline and an estimate to what services we can provide, everything is negotiable and depends on the clients exact needs:

Record vocals over pre-recorded background music

  • 2hrs £40 (inc mixing and mastering)


Thorough and detailed editing of recordings up to 45 multi-tracks - Removing unwanted artifacts, clean up tracks, fade in/out, cutting and making sure everything’s to the beat: £20/recording.

*The size of the project combined with how many recordings require work dictates the price. For a more accurate quote, please contact New Day Sound and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • 1 song £30 (inc mixing and mastering)
  • 2 songs £50
  • 5 songs £75 (w/ mastering £80)
  • 8 songs £100 (w/ mastering £110)
  • 10 songs £120 (w/ mastering £135)

*If most or all of the songs are between 25-45 multi-tracks, there will be an extra charge of £20 on the total price. 45+ multi-tracks will be calculated on an individual basis.

Portable budget recording solution

Price by quote, since every situation is different and unique to the clients' wish. Travel expenses are calculated on an individual basis, no extra charge within Greater Manchester.

* Example quote: 2h recording session + 2h mixing and mastering - ”Normal acoustic setup”: 1 song, One (max two) guitar/piano/main instrument, a couple of vocals, some light percussion/digital preprogrammed drums/harmonica/etc, including mixing and mastering: £75. Same day service for one song. 3 songs/full day (8hrs) recording session and half day (4hrs) mixing and mastering: £150.

Live Sound technician

  • Negotiable hourly rate for live music gigs: £20/hr. Gigs involving one main instrument and maximum of two vocals: £15/hr.
  • Theatre stage shows (cabaret, musical, play, burlesque, etc), fee per show: £30.
  • Sound design and rehearsals: £150.
  • Package deals with sound design, rehearsals and live technician for every show available by quote.

For more detailed information of our services, have a look around the website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.




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