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Micaela Petersson, the face of New Day Sound, started her musical career in her early teens, participating in all sorts of extra curricular activities such as singing/guitar lessons and theatre courses. She soon discovered an interest in stage production and after finishing high school she spent all of her spare time at one of the oldest theatre venues in her hometown of Norrköping, Sweden.

After a few years she decided to study music & sound design and in 2014 she earned her higher education diploma in that field. For several years she has been active as a live sound technician and music producer as well as musician in her acoustic duo ’Westerburgh & Micaela’, all whilst acquiring a wealth of experience which outshines her age.

Between the years of 2008-2014 she participated in 10+ stage productions as a live sound technician.

  • She was in charge of the complete sound design for local yet well-known musical productions such as ’Rent’, ’All Shook Up’, ’La Cage aux Folles’ and ’Showboat’. 
  • On top of that she also created sound effects and edited music for a number of plays, including ’Dial M for Murder’ and ’Closer’.

June 2012-November 2013 and intermediately between 2014-2016 she worked as a sound and light technician for Scandinavias biggest wildlife park Kolmården. She managed individual shows around the park, performed maintenance on the wildlife park’s PA systems, was in charge of the seasonal-working sound technicians and helped to develop the award winning dolphin show ’Life’. 

Her DAW of choice is Logic Express/Pro 9 (will soon be upgrading to Logic X), but also have a good working knowledge of Cubase 5 and up and Studio One. She has a basic understanding of Pro Tools 8-9 and Ableton Live 7-9. She has also worked with an extensive range of both digital and analog mixing desks.

Micaela has four albums and one EP under her belt, all of which she recorded, mixed and mastered. To have a listen, just go to the portfolio page.





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